Fairfield Bay, Arkansas (Up to Four People)

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Also is in the same location in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, close – about 2 miles – to the shores of Greers Ferry Lake, 80 miles north from Little Rock airport through rural Arkansas and on the fringes of the Ozarks, perfectly suited for 4 persons and already the outside look of it as American as can be. The size of this American style 2 bed room apartment is 1040 sq ft, it features first and 2nd floor and includes small but comprehensive kitchen, remodeled bathroom, WIFI, Blu-ray player and smart HDTV up- and downstairs, coffee and espresso maker, oven, microwave, washer, dryer and all needed items for daily life. Fairfield Bay itself offers a conference center, a very reasonable priced gym and health center, three in and outdoor swimming pools and plenty of tennis courts, including 2 night courts 100 yards away, two 18-hole golf courses within a 5 to 10-minute drive, mini golf course for the kids, horse riding stables, bowling alley and above all of course the huge lake, with swimming, boating, rentals and fishing.

If you need shopping malls and newest gadgets then FFB is not for you and you will not get happy here; if you however like an active lifestyle then this may fit you very well. Obviously, this is America and it means that there are no local or regional buses or trains so here – without doubt – you do need a bike or car, best choice would be to rent directly at arrival at (LIT) Little Rock Airport and rates are usually very reasonable.

The apartment also features large covered porches on each floor with a calm forest view and lots of squirrel activity. If you feel the need to smoke please do so on the porch. One of our main draws was and is: sometimes you need to get out of the hassle of American city life and once you are past Conway on your way up north on Hwy 65 it really is a slow life in the Arkansas country side, just be careful in the mornings and evenings when deer are crossing streets in large numbers.

There are magnificent nature, lake and river views while still providing old fashioned steak houses and restaurants and the old country roads around FFB and up to the Ozarks are almost made for touring motorcycles. Driving distances are: 32 miles to country music town Mountain View, 52 miles to Conway, 60 miles to the Ozark National Forest, 86 miles to Little Rock Airport, 114 miles to the 100 music stages of Branson in Missouri, 160 miles to Memphis. So, to get a first family experience of the American Midwest and spend your vacation in an active way this can be your place and just last year Fairfield Bay was honored as safest city of Arkansas which might not be too unimportant either.

Lastly: should anything break in or around the apartment during your stay please inform Willena or Dale – managing our AR rentals and living less than 1000 yards away – immediately and us as soon as you can. This apartment can be rented – all utilities included – under the following guidelines, please adhere to check in-check out times as the resort staff needs also some time for cleaning and getting it back into immaculate shape for the next clients:

  • Monday 2 p.m. check in – check out Friday 10 a.m.     @ 320 USD (4 persons max)
  • Friday   2 p.m. check in – check out Monday 10 a.m.   @ 240 USD (4 persons max)
  • Weekly: Monday 2 p.m. – Monday 10 a.m.                    @ 525 USD (4 persons max)

One of the main reasons for Fairfield Bay, AR is that we are right now considering Fairfield Bay as our US Tours starting point for 2018 or 2019 with pick up service from Little Rock Airport, with beautiful old country roads through the Ozarks and up to the old Route 66 – please keep an eye on this page.


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Price:$ 320