Some words about Shaken – Japan’s vehicle inspection and fees

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For all vehicles in Japan over 249cc a mandatory inspection is required, similar to TÜV in Germany, Inspection in other countries and called Shaken in Japan. For private vehicles every 2 years, for rental vehicles once every year. For all vehicles this inspection also includes payments of an engine-size and weight related Tax fee and the purchase of a Mandatory Liability Insurance called Jibaiseki Hoken which in itself is by all means too dangerous by its limited range to serve as your only insurance. There are many companies offering out a more comprehensive, voluntary insurance called Nini-Hoken which you may tailor to suit your needs. 

Just to mention: a regular shaken for a motorcycle usually comes to between 50000 – 100000 Yen, depending on needed repairs or maintenance and a mid-sized car between 140000 – 160000 Yen – being far more expensive than for example in Europe and the first time is a kind of a financial shock for a normal European rider….

The shaken stickers must be attached to your license plate and the insurance documents must also be presentable at any time.

Btw: a sticker with 12/30 here in Japan does NOT mean next inspection December 2030  but 30 stands for the year 30 of the actual Tenno era . Its Heisei year 30 – which is 2018.

So, basically the same system  as in Europe and the guys at the inspection do usually really know   what they are talking about –  so whenever there is shaken time  many riders change their – lets say preferred – exhaust pipes to the original ones, then get the shaken and a day later the Termignonis or Lafranconis or whatever are back on….  I guess we are all the same everywhere…are we not?

All the best and enjoy your ride!


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