Yes, our insurance policy asks for a minimum age of 21 years, no exceptions possible.

When an accident occurs, your guide will instantly act and / or make the relevant calls. If he or she is unable to do so please make sure you follow these four steps:

In case of injuries make a first aid check.

Contact the police instantly –  Japan wide at #110.

Contact Ambulance needed – Japan wide at #119

Contact / Call Tokyo Rentals and then us as soon as you can.

Contact the insurance company hotline – phone number is on top of your rental papers

Please do not forget to receive a certificate of accident from the police.

He will 1st contact JAF 24h Road Service – membership number and phone number is on top of your rental papers

He will also contact Tokyo Rentals as soon as possible to get assistance all the way and look for local options

He will contact the police instantly #110, the Tokyo Rentals and finally us

In case of an accident you must pay the insurance deductible for your specific motorcycle. All MSI’s Japan Tours come already with the maximally reduced deductible, so just go to www.tokyorentals.co.jp  homepage , go to Insurance Pages   and check your maximally reduced deductible for your bike.

Discuss with your guide, please. In general, possible but it also depends on whether your bike is already reserved by the next customer or not. If so you may not be able to extend the rental period with that specific bike.

Due to specific rules in Japan, please see www.tokyorentals.co.jp   Icon   Did You Know   and then LICENSE REQUIREMENTS where you will find a comprehensive explanation.

Yes, according to their licenses with a minimum age of 21.  Except some clearly marked sports bikes all bikes are available for beginning drivers.

Yes, in MSI’s Japan Tours fuel is included in the total price.

For participants in MSI’s Japan Tours all bikes come with unlimited mileage and as all bikes come back to Tokyo together   there also is no overtime chargeable.

Your tour fee will be charged at booking and must be paid with PayPal or bank wire.

As all of MSI’s  Japan Tours bikes are coming already with the maximum reduction of accident deductibles   in the worst case you are just responsible for the minimum self-amount for your specific motorcycle as outlined in the www.tokyorentals.co.jp    Insurance Pages.

In general, all our usual expenses – except ferries and individual network talk fees for provided SIM cards – if used – are covered.   Basically, all normal expenses like food and drinks during breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.  After dinner, everyone may still decide to spend some funds on wine and else but understandably this is a private decision with private funds needed.  Also, if you or several members of the tour decide to take part in that rock festival at Mount Fuji the same evening you arrived there or you decide you need to invite all the 17 girls around to drink champagne or Sake with you…. then these are additional individual expenses which are not covered.