About Us

Founded in 2004 as Media Services International, LLC in California , we moved in 2006 to the Tampa Bay area on Florida’s west central coast. As part of a network of 5 corporations in 3 continents the company sells broadcast equipment on a worldwide scale as well as occasional rentals for broadcast events worldwide like G7 summits, Sports , Olympic Games. From 2017 one part of the company was converted to motorsports and tours – for remaining options in that area please check the legacy site – however due to Covid and severe travel restrictions reverted completely back to broadcast sales in 2022.

As more than 90% of our equipment is sold directly to dealers in the US, EU, UK and Japan, Australia and elsewhere we never had nor ever need social media presence. However, instead of making year in year out unknown deals behind the scenes for the 1st time we decided also to go carefully public now and show some equipment for sale also on ebay, starting in december 2002