Izu-Inatori Resort

5 Nights 4 Days
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A dream for motorcycle drivers on tour for a week in Izu. It’s on the eighth floor of a very High-End resort in Izu-Inatori, overlooking 100% unobstructed the Pacific Ocean with its 7 islands from west – Odawara –  to East – Shimoda and is perfectly suited for 2 persons. Let’s say if you possess a little romantic touch then, this is it. The size of this original Japanese style apartment is 500 sqft, and includes full kitchen, Wi-Fi, HDTV and all things needed for daily life. The resort itself offers inhouse hot springs, in and outdoor swimming pools, gym, kids play room, table tennis, all for free.  For a rather symbolic fee of 1000 yen per hour you get access to the tennis court and squash court (rackets etc. for rent if needed), fully covered motorcycle parking is also provided for 300 Yen per day and car parking for 60 Yen per hour. There are vending machines on the 2nd floor as well as coin washers and dryers. The location is around 2 kilometers from Inatori station where K cars and full-size cars are also for rent.  Aside from the view, whether daytime or at night, one of the main draws is: it’s just 160 km from Tokyo but it’s another world in the Izu country side. All our friends and clients who went there once all without exception want to go back, it’s like going into old Japan, quiet, old shrines and temples, magnificent nature views while newest amenities and driving distances- north and south all along the Pacific Ocean, are:  22 km to Shimoda, 40 km south then west coast via Irozaki to Dogashima, equally 40 km via the Kawazu 7 Falls to the old Onsen town of Shuzenji and finally 80 km to Lake Ashi in front of Mount Fuji. You will find a family restaurant, sushi or – payable lobster restaurant on every corner and people are very, very nice and all smiles. So, for a week on a bike to get a first experience of Japan this is the place.

Please note: as MSI has one permanent motorcycle parking space at this resort through www.tokyorentals.co.jp if informed in advance we may provide a fully equipped BMW touring motorcycle for your convenience which you may use during your stay and which you please leave there again, with full tank and keys to the reception – this of course provided that Driving Licenses and payments are all in order and all paperwork is done beforehand. This is a special service to our motorcycle clients and we need you to please handle the bike carefully and responsibly so that all clients may have this opportunity for a long time. if anything happens as always call us and otherwise handle the situation as outlined in the General Rental Conditions.

Should something not work or break during your stay, please inform the reception counter and also let us know right away.

This apartment comes with all utilities included; please follow to the Check-in, Check-out times to allow the service staff enough time to get the cleaning and maintenance done in time for the next clients.

  • Monday 2 p.m. check in – check out Friday 10 a.m.  @ 250 USD (2 persons max)
  • Friday 2 p.m. check in – check out Monday 10 a.m.  @ 220 USD (2 persons max)
  • Weekly: Monday 2 p.m. – Monday 10 a.m.                  @ 480 USD (2 persons max)


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Price:$ 250